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Don't worry everyone: he has since had a hair cut.

I find watching the emerging news coverage of Cablegate fascinating because it offers a wonderful opportunity to watch how the powerful slowly start mutating a news story to suit their own ends.

For example Sky News just had a report where they called the latest leak a “gift to terrorists” because it gave a list of vulnerable areas around the globe which, if attacked, could have devastating consequences for America. They even called on a respected terrorism expert, John Gearson, to explain how dangerous the new leak is.

Heck, is it any wonder that Wikileaks is becoming utterly despised around the globe?

Except…it isn’t.

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You have been warned!

The Cablegate saga and rumours of Julian Assange’s impending arrest have reignited the flurry of media outlets who are saying that he is being charged with rape and molestation.

At times the number of news outlets saying this has grown so large that even those people who know the real details have started to doubt their own memories.

So I thought it was time that I weighed in and reminded everyone of what really happened, and what is happening now.

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‘We are currently under a mass distributed denial of service attack.’

So read the Twitter feed of Wikileaks, just a few hours ago.

It is unclear at this time where the attack is coming from, but the obvious culprits are the governments of the United States or Britain.

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