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This isn't aimed at America, it's mostly aimed at the Democrats.

This isn’t aimed at America, it’s mostly aimed at the Democrats.

Well, this is a sad fucking day.

Not only is an election being won by a puffed up buffoon with tiny hands and massive insecurities but the people who are supposed to make sense of this chaos have decided to take leave of their reason and blame the whole thing on bigotry.

But that doesn’t make sense.

America has a problem with bigotry, sure. But it’s not like the place suddenly got more bigoted over the past few years.

No, this election wasn’t won by bigotry.

It was lost by elitism, from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  continue reading…

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Sadly Bill Maher isn't popular or hated enough to have memes, and most of the Ann Coulter ones suck.

I was just listening to Ann Coulter debate with Bill Maher and what I learned has been surprising.

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I mean day-glo pants with that shirt? Puhleeeze!

[Note: Article originally published in September 2009]

For those of you who are joining late Ann Coulter is a 50 year old, extremely right wing, talking head in the ‘States.

For a brief highlight of her beliefs go here and watch the first video clip.
In this clip Ann Coulter (ACou) says that if everyone listened to her America would be far more tolerant and free because EVERYONE WOULD BE CHRISTIAN. She even goes on to say that all the Jews would be converted to Christianity and thus be “perfected” (yes, that’s a direct quote).

For another direct quote check out this beauty:

“These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, revelling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefparrazies. I have never seen people enjoying their husband’s deaths so much.”
-on 9/11 widows who have been critical of the Bush administration.

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