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There is no reason to use this here, other than that it is is awsm. But Friedman might have been Scottish, you don't know!

Milton Friedman is one of the giants of modern Economic thought and one of his big contributions (it seems to me) has been his explanation of why corporations should not be bound by any moral code.

He is the guy, or at least one of the guys, who promoted the idea that the only measure of success is profit. In fact he went so far as to say that the only social responsibility that a company has is to use its resources to create maximum wealth for its shareholders.

But don’t get mad yet, most of his arguments for this point of view actually seem pretty good.

However, there is one massive problem with what he is saying: he relies on the assumption that shareholders even have the right to maximum profits, in the first place.

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It would take a Ph.D. in History to explain what a massive fail this is.

Man, I wish I was kidding.


Basically a new curriculum has been passed in Texas that has been deliberately constructed to push a distinctly right-wing agenda.

They are removing the slave trade, presumably because it gets in the way of them saying that America always does the right thing.
They aren’t going to talk about how horrible slavery was for the slaves.
Time will be spent talking about the “positive” contributions of the pro-slavery leaders in the civil war.
The civil rights movement will be sidelined, with equal time given to the Alabama Governor George Wallace, thus implying that he was supporting “white civil rights”.
Furthermore, the civil rights movement will be spoken about as if, and I’m quoting now, it created “unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes” among minorities.
Thomas Jefferson will be left out, because he promoted the separation of Church and State.
And it gets worse from there.

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Pirates also get those sweet beards

I am now, officially, entirely in favour of the piracy of intangibles (i.e. movies, computer games, music and especially books).

This was a long time coming but what clinched it for me was when the local game suppliers announced that they were going to crank up the price of console games to R1000 each ($142)! Luckily there was a massive outcry so they back peddled and declared that the games will continue to be sold at the “reasonable” price of R800 (over $100) each.

And so I wondered: why is it that a top-of-the-line PC game only costs R400 ($50), and the exact same game for a console costs twice as much?

To find the answer one merely has to ask: what would happen if they started charging R800 for a PC game? The answer is of course that NO ONE WOULD BUY THEM. They would just pirate them, so the industry has to keep prices reasonable. Console games are a lot more difficult to pirate so they can charge whatever they want.

Piracy is keeping PC games cheap.
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