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This is literally the level of science that we are dealing with here.

This is literally the level of science that we are dealing with here.

Friends, over the past few months Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, multiple newspapers in the UK and Australia and of course Fox News have all been talking about how global warming has ‘slowed’, or ‘stopped’.

Some of the most stupid (or brazen) of these outlets’ sock puppets have even started claiming that the Earth is cooling.

The fact that this is bullshit, and people take it seriously, is annoying.

The fact that this particular bullshit is being hurled at us simultaneously in multiple forms is infuriating.

And this is especially true when one realises that it’s part of a pattern of obfuscation that the right wing has been using for decades.

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My excuse for not staying on “libertarian” infested discussion boards any more.

What is a “libertarian” anyway?

If you look up what the word means you will find that it means someone who has a passionate respect for the importance of individual rights and freedom.

This is something that damn near everyone can get behind. It’s common sense to anyone in a democracy that one’s rights and freedom are vitally important.

So then why has “libertarian” become such a dirty word?

Well you see friends it’s because many of the people who call themselves “libertarians” are actually nothing of the sort.

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I’ve never been much of a leg man but wow!

[EDIT: I really shouldn’t have to say this but here it is anyway. This article is verrrrry old by now. Tons of research has come out since, so while the central ideas of this article might still be worth reading if you’re interested in medical research you need to look at recent research. For example the case on homeopathy is now closed. It is total bullshit, all of it. And acupuncture seems to only provoke a very strong placebo effect. Please keep up to date with current research and keep evolving your opinions as new evidence emerges. Thank you.]

Ok, enough fucking around.

I am very critical of the blind acceptance of mainstream science but recent events have convinced me that I need to reassert my loathing for non-Science that tries to pretend that it is Science.

Especially since some pseudo-Scientists seem content to watch their clients sicken and die from controllable diseases, just so they can make a fast buck.

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