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Danger of math humour and graphs! I promise nothing!

No, seriously, roughly 66% of people fall within the “average” range, on a huge number of measures and are therefore, for all practical purposes, average.

This is a simple truth that seems to have escaped damn near everyone and unfortunately it plays out in a variety of ways in politics, economics and public perception.

Because far too often people use the term “below average” as if it actually means something.

And often it doesn’t.

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I thought this was hyperbole until I saw the “Paris Hilton’s eyes devoured by rabid badger while listening to her own music also the badger was totally on fire” tape.

If you can’t admit you’re wrong then you’re weak, and stupid.

The problem with making a statement like that is that pretty much everyone falls into this category, to a greater or lesser degree.

But that degree is largely under one’s own control. If you keep on eye on yourself you’ll notice those times when you can’t admit that you’re wrong, even though you know you are.

And I’m here to tell you that it is at those times that you need to bite the bullet and fess up.

Because if you don’t you are weak, and will become stupid.

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Go GOP! Ower rangers.

Friends, as I’m sure you know I (and everyone else with a working brain) find racism abhorrent. The idea that the amount of melanin in a person’s skin somehow determines IQ score, sex drive and the ability to throw a ball through a hoop is just plain silly.

Unfortunately, there are millions of people whose egos rely on their ability to pretend that those who are different are somehow also “worse”. So I’ve decided to use a new tactic: I’m going to assume, for the sake of argument, that racists are right, and then show that even if one does this it soon becomes obvious that racism still makes absolutely no sense.

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