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Pirates also get those sweet beards

I am now, officially, entirely in favour of the piracy of intangibles (i.e. movies, computer games, music and especially books).

This was a long time coming but what clinched it for me was when the local game suppliers announced that they were going to crank up the price of console games to R1000 each ($142)! Luckily there was a massive outcry so they back peddled and declared that the games will continue to be sold at the “reasonable” price of R800 (over $100) each.

And so I wondered: why is it that a top-of-the-line PC game only costs R400 ($50), and the exact same game for a console costs twice as much?

To find the answer one merely has to ask: what would happen if they started charging R800 for a PC game? The answer is of course that NO ONE WOULD BUY THEM. They would just pirate them, so the industry has to keep prices reasonable. Console games are a lot more difficult to pirate so they can charge whatever they want.

Piracy is keeping PC games cheap.
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Danger! Science ahead!


Since I wrote this article the research paper that the article is about has come under serious scientific criticism.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out whether the allegations of Monsanto deliberately altering their research design during testing is true or not. For me this is one of the most important questions because it’s one of the traditional ‘smoking guns’ of pseudoscience.

Secondly, the criticism of this one paper does not deal with many of the other problems with GMOs that are not directly related to toxicity.

And it doesn’t cover Monsanto’s heavy-handedness, intimidation tactics, and irrational use of patenting law.

However, since I’ve been unable to get reliable sources on how the key issues relate to the article in question I am withdrawing this blog post.

It will stay up for historical purposes, but I can no longer claim that it is sufficiently reliable to be, you know, relied on.



There has been a lot of debate about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods. Those who are against GM foods say that genetic modification of food stuffs is dangerous because there is no way to know how new genes will behave in a living organism and also because every time humans try to modify an environment we tend to fuck up quite badly (rabbits in Australia, killer bees in the US etc.).

Those in favour of GM products counter by saying that humans have been altering the genes of our food through selective breeding for millennia. For example wild bananas have huge seeds that make them hard to eat, it was only through breeding that we made them as wonderfully handy as they are. And think about the humble carrot; there is a theory that it’s only orange because it was bred to be orange as a happy birthday to the Dutch royal family.

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[This article originally posted in February 2009]

I just know it's bad! Real bad! Like France.

This quote comes from Factcheck.org:
“Obama said the high cost of health care causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds. That’s at least double the true figure.”

Now, I won’t say a word against Factcheck, as far as I can tell they are the only unbiased website on the Internet. It is the content of the quote itself that worries me. Because if Factcheck is right (and they always are) then that means that the cost of healthcare bankrupts someone every minute or so!

Shit, let’s be generous: let’s say every two minutes.

/me thinks about it.

Holy crap! That’s fucking horrible! This is a catastrophe! Rome is burning! :(

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