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Well..yes actually.

New Zealand just snuck through a harsh new Internet censorship law by attaching it to a set of laws aimed at creating better responses to earthquakes.

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And you’ll like it!

I was recently¬†reading/listening (look, I do a lot of stuff ok? I can’t remember which one it was) to a music industry spokesperson decrying the negative effects that piracy was having and how it was all the Pirates’ fault.

My stance on piracy¬†has been well documented but I felt I should talk about this again. Because I’ve realised that in addition to being bad sense from a social point of view the spokesperson’s ideas are also bad economics.

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I’m not sure which is prettier, or more feminine.

You heard me.

Limp-wristed, faux guitarist from 80s pop-rock band KISS can smooch my titanium butt.

Not shown here.

If you’ve never heard of them don’t worry; they were never that big.

But let me back up a second. The reason why I feel this way is due to some comments that dear Genevieve has been making over the last little while. Comments that have recently come to a head.

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