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The future of music is intergalactic reality game shows!

Friends, I recently read this article.

It is a very interesting piece about how digital downloads of music seem to be dying in favour of on-demand streaming services.

The basic logic is that since everyone has access to the Internet pretty much whenever they want, and because streaming offers numerous benefits over downloads, and because streaming simply is more popular than downloads right now, music companies might as well get rid of digital downloads and just use streaming.

Makes sense right?

Well, yes and no.

Because the problem with a streaming service is that you you never actually own the music, so if the service goes away you’re left with nothing, even if you’ve spent a fortune on it.

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Well..yes actually.

New Zealand just snuck through a harsh new Internet censorship law by attaching it to a set of laws aimed at creating better responses to earthquakes.

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And you’ll like it!

I was recently¬†reading/listening (look, I do a lot of stuff ok? I can’t remember which one it was) to a music industry spokesperson decrying the negative effects that piracy was having and how it was all the Pirates’ fault.

My stance on piracy¬†has been well documented but I felt I should talk about this again. Because I’ve realised that in addition to being bad sense from a social point of view the spokesperson’s ideas are also bad economics.

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