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Don't worry everyone: he has since had a hair cut.

I find watching the emerging news coverage of Cablegate fascinating because it offers a wonderful opportunity to watch how the powerful slowly start mutating a news story to suit their own ends.

For example Sky News just had a report where they called the latest leak a “gift to terrorists” because it gave a list of vulnerable areas around the globe which, if attacked, could have devastating consequences for America. They even called on a respected terrorism expert, John Gearson, to explain how dangerous the new leak is.

Heck, is it any wonder that Wikileaks is becoming utterly despised around the globe?

Except…it isn’t.

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This picture has nothing to do with Fox. Except for the ‘L’.

As many of you know I am not a fan of Fox News. They are blatantly biased in favour of the Republican Party, they openly manipulate the media narrative in order to mislead their viewers and when all else fails they just plain lie about things.

And since they’ve started promoting and assisting in the funding of a political organisation (the ironically named ‘Tea Party Movement’) they aren’t even journalists any more; they are propagandists.

Let’s face it, Fox News is an international laughing stock. They are the kind of ‘news’ station that gets cited as an example of how to do bad journalism. They would be completely ignorable if it wasn’t for one small detail: they are, without a doubt, the most popular and most influential American news station in existence.

It is for this reason that we must all continue to point out the mistakes, stupidities and outright lies of Fox News.

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Bear in mind this is not some conspiracy theory, it's the Times.

It’s the kind of thing one expects to see in a Cyberpunk novel (above article can be found here).

A website called Give Israel Your United Support (GIYUS) has, since 2006, provided its members with a piece of software (“megaphone”) that allows them to fill online polls with whichever response the website’s controllers feels would be best in Israel’s interest. It also gives them an alert whenever they find a website that they think is critical of Israel, so that GIYUS members can fill it with spam.

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