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This isn't aimed at America, it's mostly aimed at the Democrats.

This isn’t aimed at America, it’s mostly aimed at the Democrats.

Well, this is a sad fucking day.

Not only is an election being won by a puffed up buffoon with tiny hands and massive insecurities but the people who are supposed to make sense of this chaos have decided to take leave of their reason and blame the whole thing on bigotry.

But that doesn’t make sense.

America has a problem with bigotry, sure. But it’s not like the place suddenly got more bigoted over the past few years.

No, this election wasn’t won by bigotry.

It was lost by elitism, from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  continue reading…

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This 'found footage' bollocks has gone too far!

This ‘found footage’ bollocks has gone too far, Hollywood!

Friends, remember after 9/11 when conservatives wanted to kill all Muslims and liberals said “that makes no sense, crazy person, please stop sitting next to me, this is my stop”?

As an extreme liberal I was, obviously, a part of this camp.

The liberal camp. Space Camp was closed.

Which is why it’s so galling for me to realise that since the invasion of Iraq liberalism has been infested by cryptoimperialists who never critique their own points of view because they take it for granted that they are the ones fighting for understanding and human rights.

And most recently it has occurred to me that one of the worst offenders is a supposed bastion of the liberal elite: Hollywood.

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I will fight to the death about peaceful solutions to our problems!!!

Friends, when I think back about the titanium cub I used to be I am often dreadfully embarrassed.

The fact is I was kind of a jerk. And for much of my childhood I was, by modern standards, pretty racist and homophobic.

Dedicated readers will probably, upon reading that sentence, have sprayed their coffee all over their computer screens, given my much-documented views on the subjects, but it’s true.

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. In the 80s! It would’ve been weird if I hadn’t held some pretty messed up beliefs.

But I became the stalwart liberal that I am now by being able to admit when I’m wrong (although up until recently I wasn’t even very good at that). And as you might expect it was a slow, painful road.

Having gone through this transformation I am highly sensitive to the plight of people who are also evolving their views and I have encountered a paradoxical problem.

Often it is my fellow arch-liberals who unintentionally stop people from evolving their views, by imposing unrealistic expectations on them.

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