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Well..yes actually.

New Zealand just snuck through a harsh new Internet censorship law by attaching it to a set of laws aimed at creating better responses to earthquakes.

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I have no idea what this is about, but it makes me lol.

Well, here we are again.

I have already spoken at length about how Internet freedom is being slowly eroded and how we badly need Net Neutrality laws to protect it.

But the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has just voted to block Net Neutrality and not only is this a very bad thing but the Pro-Control lobby is using the same flawed logic as before.

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I'm talking to you AT&T!

I mentioned in my previous article on how freedom of the Internet is being eroded that this is a fight that we can never stop fighting. Every time we defend our Internet freedom against an attack we should rejoice, and then get ready for the next attack.

The next attack is currently being launched by AT&T and Comcast.

When you read this you may actually “wtf” in real life, I sure did.

What AT&T is doing is suing for the right to completely restrict all Internet access, for all their subscribers, in whatever way they choose.

What’s their argument? Oh, that’s simple. They are claiming that if they don’t have the right to control everyone’s Internet then that would be a violation of their right to free speech.

I shit you not.

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