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I will fight to the death about peaceful solutions to our problems!!!

Friends, when I think back about the titanium cub I used to be I am often dreadfully embarrassed.

The fact is I was kind of a jerk. And for much of my childhood I was, by modern standards, pretty racist and homophobic.

Dedicated readers will probably, upon reading that sentence, have sprayed their coffee all over their computer screens, given my much-documented views on the subjects, but it’s true.

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. In the 80s! It would’ve been weird if I hadn’t held some pretty messed up beliefs.

But I became the stalwart liberal that I am now by being able to admit when I’m wrong (although up until recently I wasn’t even very good at that). And as you might expect it was a slow, painful road.

Having gone through this transformation I am highly sensitive to the plight of people who are also evolving their views and I have encountered a paradoxical problem.

Often it is my fellow arch-liberals who unintentionally stop people from evolving their views, by imposing unrealistic expectations on them.

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Banksy. Not an Internet artist but still awesome. Google it.

Friends, lately I’ve been thinking about Art.

I’ve been thinking about what art I like and don’t like, about the state of modern art and most significantly: what makes art “good”?

And I’ve come to the unexpectedly conclusion that right now, the only really “good” art consists of images transmitted over the Internet.

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And congratulations to Ayn Rand for being the new face of Lawful Evil!

Friends, lately I have been thinking at length about what it is that I believe. What I believe to be right, what I believe to be wrong, and why it is that fundamentalists and Republican Libertarians annoy me so much.

So in this post I will be trying to explain my own moral philosophy, and explain why it is different from its close cousin Libertarianism, and why it is that I think Libertarianism has fallen off the rails.

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