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Some positions are worth defending. Others are just foolishness.

Not a vegetative state at all.

Friends, I’ve been saddened recently by a resurgence in debates around the idea that “Science” is somehow better than the “Humanities” (including the Arts I suppose).

Listening to these highly educated, scientific thinkers talking about perceived flaws in the Humanities has reminded me of a sad truth:

The world will always contain a large population of highly intelligent stupid people.

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XKCD. If you don't know it, google it now.

XKCD. If you don’t know it, google it now.

People sometimes as me “Teddy, what exactly is your epistemology?”

To which I usually reply “LOL! That’s not a word! :D”

But jokes aside this is actually an important issue, and something that everyone should grapple with. continue reading…

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