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This isn't aimed at America, it's mostly aimed at the Democrats.

This isn’t aimed at America, it’s mostly aimed at the Democrats.

Well, this is a sad fucking day.

Not only is an election being won by a puffed up buffoon with tiny hands and massive insecurities but the people who are supposed to make sense of this chaos have decided to take leave of their reason and blame the whole thing on bigotry.

But that doesn’t make sense.

America has a problem with bigotry, sure. But it’s not like the place suddenly got more bigoted over the past few years.

No, this election wasn’t won by bigotry.

It was lost by elitism, from both the Democrats and the Republicans.  continue reading…

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This may seem mean since I’ve never met Ray Griggs. But after reading only a few things about him I already don’t like him.

Let’s start with this gem:

And by "your" he of course means "people who earn millions and millions of dollars".

There is so much wrong here that I don’t know where to begin.

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As ever, if you can't read it then right-click on the picture, select "save picture as" and put it somewhere that you can view it better.

I’ve posted the above picture before.  But it’s important to post it again because I think that I am now in a position to offer one possible explanation for why this trend is occurring.

Some people have been trying to say that the data represented by the above graph are proof that Republicans are less intelligent than Democrats.

But this is not the case.  In my opinion Republicans aren’t less intelligent than Democrats, they’re simply less educated.

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