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The future of music is intergalactic reality game shows!

Friends, I recently read this article.

It is a very interesting piece about how digital downloads of music seem to be dying in favour of on-demand streaming services.

The basic logic is that since everyone has access to the Internet pretty much whenever they want, and because streaming offers numerous benefits over downloads, and because streaming simply is more popular than downloads right now, music companies might as well get rid of digital downloads and just use streaming.

Makes sense right?

Well, yes and no.

Because the problem with a streaming service is that you you never actually own the music, so if the service goes away you’re left with nothing, even if you’ve spent a fortune on it.

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A pretty good president because he fought to protect wildlife, even while shooting it. Or riding it.

Friends, I was recently engaged in a discussion with a gentleman who argued that while people do have a right to life they do not have a right to water.

I replied that he clearly had not thought this through

But his statement and his further claim that water is a commodity that should be traded like gold are tied to a much larger issue.

This is the fact that many economists like to reduce the value of everything to a mere price tag.

I believe that in this they are making a rather subtle mistake: they are confusing something’s value with its cost.

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When memes collide.

For a while now I’ve been pondering the nature of selfishness; why it’s so prevalent and why it’s so hard to eradicate.

There are of course some people who don’t believe that selfishness is a problem. Indeed, there are many people who believe that selfishness is not only normal but is actually a desirable state of affairs.

Well, I don’t just disagree with these people. I actually think that they’ve been infected by a meme plague called ‘selfishness’.

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