Words so strong they have splash damage.

[This article originally posted in February 2009]

I just know it's bad! Real bad! Like France.

This quote comes from Factcheck.org:
“Obama said the high cost of health care causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds. That’s at least double the true figure.”

Now, I won’t say a word against Factcheck, as far as I can tell they are the only unbiased website on the Internet. It is the content of the quote itself that worries me. Because if Factcheck is right (and they always are) then that means that the cost of healthcare bankrupts someone every minute or so!

Shit, let’s be generous: let’s say every two minutes.

/me thinks about it.

Holy crap! That’s fucking horrible! This is a catastrophe! Rome is burning! :(

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I dunno, I am kinda hungry...

I dunno. I am kinda hungry...


That is the question, but before you answer it perhaps I should explain what I mean.
Picture for yourself a sandy country that I will not name. A hypothetical woman gets attacked by thugs and beaten with sticks. She is given care and support and her community vows to hunt the men down and make them pay.

Now, picture the same hypothetical woman getting jumped by thugs and, instead of being beaten she is raped. In this scenario instead of support she is looked down upon, publicly rejected, and then told that she needs to commit suicide, in order to get her “honour” back.

What the fuck?

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