Words so strong they have splash damage.
If this is how you express yourself then damnit, that's your right!

If this is how you express yourself then damnit, that’s your right!

Friends, free speech is a thorny issue, and it always has been.

Ok, maybe not always. I mean there was those few millennia where there was no free speech and the powerful just listened to what you said, and if they didn’t like it they stabbed you.

In the bottom.

But these days we have free speech and that is a very good thing.

However, we’re still having trouble working out when someone’s free speech is being violated and when it isn’t. And this is an argument that the whole world seems to be having right now.

To me it sort of boils down to the difference between telling someone they’re wrong, and telling them to shut up.

There’s nothing wrong with the first, but there’s a lot wrong with the second. continue reading…

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MRA Bunny? Nooooooo!

MRA Bunny? Nooooooo!

Friends, a week rarely goes by without me seeing someone repeating the line that “40% of domestic abuse is suffered by men” or “men experience domestic violence just like women do”.

This irritates me.

Not because domestic violence against men isn’t a problem that we need to address, it most definitely is.

But because the only way one can believe that statistic is if one is a pedantic robot, with no understanding of the research literature as a whole.

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Still love this guy. He's only wrong about two things.

Still love this guy. He’s only wrong about two things.

As you probably know I love Bill Maher. He and I agree on just about everything.

But everyone has blind spots and when it comes to either Israel or Islam Bill suddenly loses some of his faculties of critical thinking.

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