Words so strong they have splash damage.
This is literally the level of science that we are dealing with here.

This is literally the level of science that we are dealing with here.

Friends, over the past few months Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, multiple newspapers in the UK and Australia and of course Fox News have all been talking about how global warming has ‘slowed’, or ‘stopped’.

Some of the most stupid (or brazen) of these outlets’ sock puppets have even started claiming that the Earth is cooling.

The fact that this is bullshit, and people take it seriously, is annoying.

The fact that this particular bullshit is being hurled at us simultaneously in multiple forms is infuriating.

And this is especially true when one realises that it’s part of a pattern of obfuscation that the right wing has been using for decades.

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XKCD. If you don't know it, google it now.

XKCD. If you don’t know it, google it now.

People sometimes as me “Teddy, what exactly is your epistemology?”

To which I usually reply “LOL! That’s not a word! :D”

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wp yes this is dog

Well, despite my best efforts I have finally seen that video clip where the police execute a man’s dog for no reason.

What was the man’s crime you ask? Simple: he was filming police, something he is legally entitled to do.

I’m not going to post a link to the video because I don’t want anyone to watch it unless they are absolutely sure that they want to.

But I just want to deal with one particular nugget of bullshit about this case that has been spiraling around the Intercrap since this story broke.

This is the idea that the police’s action was justified because (even though the arrest was unnecessary) the dog was attacking the officer and he needed to defend himself.

This is complete nonsense.

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