Words so strong they have splash damage.


Also, too Muy Thai for you, and with so many rockets that you just can't handle me right now.

Also, too Muy Thai for you. And too RBSD for you. And with so many rockets that you just can’t handle me right now.

In light of the popularity of my first such countdown, and since things have also been rather high brow and dark for a while, I thought it made sense to do another.

So here are another 5 martial arts movies you really need to watch.

Please remember that as with the first countdown these are not necessarily the ‘best’ movies. They are a combination of top-flight movies and lesser known gems that are still worth checking out.

They may not be the ‘best’ but they are all in their own way really, really good.

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This post will probably piss off a lot of people. Please tell me how hot your rage is in the comments section :)

Friends, I am a huge fan of Laci Green. Her ‘Sex+’ videos are a must see. She fights the good fight against sexism, homophobia and rape culture and she does it in a way that is accessible without losing any fidelity.

She says important things, and says them well.

But the recent James Franco ‘almost sex’ scandal has raised an issue on which I think Laci, and a lot of my other fellow feminists, have gotten something badly wrong.

And what’s worse I think they are adding to our society’s repressive attitude towards sex. continue reading…

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The couple in the bed represent the banking system. The angry dude represents reality, coming home.

The couple in the bed represent the banking system. The angry dude represents reality, coming home.

Friends, a recent article in The Guardian exposed the world to something that many of us had known for ages: money is just an IOU, it has no relationship with actual value of any kind.

It’s just a social convention.

That in itself is not a problem, not really.

But the added revelation (that many of us also already knew) that it’s not the government who decides how much money is in circulation, it’s actually the banks that do that, creates potential for massive abuses.

Abuses that I’m pretty sure are already happening, and have been for a while.

Here’s how it works.

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