Words so strong they have splash damage.
Still love this guy. He's only wrong about two things.

Still love this guy. He’s only wrong about two things.

As you probably know I love Bill Maher. He and I agree on just about everything.

But everyone has blind spots and when it comes to either Israel or Islam Bill suddenly loses some of his faculties of critical thinking.

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Zionism is no longer about Israel's right to exist, it has become about Israel's right to do whatever it wants to whoever it wants.

Zionism is no longer about Israel’s right to exist, it has become about Israel’s right to do whatever it wants to whoever it wants.

According to Haaretz it looks like Israel’s ‘Zionist Union Party’ (ZUP) is probably going to win the country’s upcoming election.

Looking at the party’s platform one is initially filled with hope.

They talk a good show about opening talks with the Palestinians and the international community. Negotiating a sustainable peace and ending the destructive Israel/Palestine conflict.

Unfortunately, when you look at the details of their proposal it becomes clear that the Zionist Union is just another bunch of imperialists, who want to keep the Palestinians under their iron-heeled boot.

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I'll just leave this here.

I’ll just leave this here.

When I heard that Sony was cancelling ‘The Interview’ I was pissed off.

This was definitely a case in which the terrorists won, and I wanted to write about it.

But then Sony decided to cave a second time.

And 12 people were murdered in Paris, because other people disagreed with their ideas.

It got me thinking about responsibility and agency.

And I’ve come to the potentially controversial decision that if people want to risk their lives by going to a theatre that might be blown up, or by printing a cartoon that will enrage people, then that is their right, and we have no right to stop them.

And if journalists want to be able to call themselves that then they should probably start posting a few more pictures of Muhammad.

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