Words so strong they have splash damage.

I will fight to the death about peaceful solutions to our problems!!!

Friends, when I think back about the titanium cub I used to be I am often dreadfully embarrassed.

The fact is I was kind of a jerk. And for much of my childhood I was, by modern standards, pretty racist and homophobic.

Dedicated readers will probably, upon reading that sentence, have sprayed their coffee all over their computer screens, given my much-documented views on the subjects, but it’s true.

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa. In the 80s! It would’ve been weird if I hadn’t held some pretty messed up beliefs.

But I became the stalwart liberal that I am now by being able to admit when I’m wrong (although up until recently I wasn’t even very good at that). And as you might expect it was a slow, painful road.

Having gone through this transformation I am highly sensitive to the plight of people who are also evolving their views and I have encountered a paradoxical problem.

Often it is my fellow arch-liberals who unintentionally stop people from evolving their views, by imposing unrealistic expectations on them.

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If only there was some way to harness the energy in the natural environment...

If only there was some way to harness the energy in the natural environment…

Friends, now that Eskom has officially lost their shit and forgotten where all the coal and diesel boxes are, and also that gravity is a thing, all of us South Africans must make the best of a crappy (pseudomonopolistic) situation and try and just have fun with it.

With that in mind I’ve compiled a few practical tips to assist us during this time of first world problems.

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Bill Maher defending racism. It must be opposite day, again.

Bill Maher defending racism. It must be opposite day, again.

Friends, I absolutely adore Bill Maher. Not just because he’s witty and entertaining but also because his commentary is almost always on point.

Go to YouTube and look for ‘Bill Maher New Rules’ and you’ll see what I mean.

Moreover he stood by his principles and opposed the invasion of Iraq at a time when most other cowardly media figures were falling into lockstep behindĀ Buchey-Feld, and even though it got him fired.

But Maher has a massive blind spot that badly undermines his point of view and makes it difficult to take him seriously when it comes to the middle east.

And it’s the same problem as his buddy Sam Harris:
When it comes to Israel both men swallow Israeli government propaganda like it was their mother’s milk, and in doing so they both get indefensibly biased against anything related to Islam, including the plight of the Palestinians.

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