Words so strong they have splash damage.


By explaining stuff! Also freeway.

By explaining stuff! Also by being a freeway.

Friends, as you may have noticed I am a feminist.

Yes, I’m also a guy, let it go.

Teddy bears are equally adept at all roles! Kaiser, French, hotdog. All of them.

Teddy bears are equally adept at all roles! Kaiser, French, hotdog.
All of them.

Indeed, I would go so far as to say that anyone who knows what feminism is (i.e. that it is the part of the human rights movement that focuses on gender rights issues) who isn’t a feminist themselves had better have a damn good explanation of why that is.

I mean, I believe in human rights, why don’t you?

Anyway, something that comes up from time to time in discussions of gender issues is the concept of ‘mansplaining’.

It’s a tricky thing to get one’s head around though so I’m going to try and explain what’s going on in one specific example of mansplaining, and why it’s bad.

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Some positions are worth defending. Others are just foolishness.

Not a vegetative state at all.

Friends, I’ve been saddened recently by a resurgence in debates around the idea that “Science” is somehow better than the “Humanities” (including the Arts I suppose).

Listening to these highly educated, scientific thinkers talking about perceived flaws in the Humanities has reminded me of a sad truth:

The world will always contain a large population of highly intelligent stupid people.

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All these letters, forming words. I don't know why I'm even alive any more.

All these letters, forming words. I don’t know why I’m even alive any more.

Friends, last year a politician from Nevada, US America, became the target of intense criticism when he announced that he might vote for a return of slavery.

This case is  slightly annoying for me because of the simple fact that he was right.

Or at least partly right.

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