Words so strong they have splash damage.


All these letters, forming words. I don't know why I'm even alive any more.

All these letters, forming words. I don’t know why I’m even alive any more.

Friends, last year a politician from Nevada, US America, became the target of intense criticism when he announced that he might vote for a return of slavery.

This case is  slightly annoying for me because of the simple fact that he was right.

Or at least partly right.

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These people should be made to wear a scarlet fucking 'S'.

These people should be made to wear a scarlet fucking ‘S’.

Friends, I urge you to go and watch this video, it isn’t very long.

That video is a brief summary of a study (which has since been replicated with similar results) that shows that 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming is real and it’s caused by humans.

The consensus is good news.

But there is also some very bad news.

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A pretty good president because he fought to protect wildlife, even while shooting it. Or riding it.

Friends, I was recently engaged in a discussion with a gentleman who argued that while people do have a right to life they do not have a right to water.

I replied that he clearly had not thought this through

But his statement and his further claim that water is a commodity that should be traded like gold are tied to a much larger issue.

This is the fact that many economists like to reduce the value of everything to a mere price tag.

I believe that in this they are making a rather subtle mistake: they are confusing something’s value with its cost.

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