TitaniumTeddyBear is a blog about politics, philosophy, news, bullshit, economics, law, popular culture, things-that-catch-my-eye and whatever else I feel like.

It is my intention to expose some of the hypocrisies of our weird modern society. There are no sacred cows here. Just ask my good friend Mohammed:

Anyway, I tend to aim myself at issues that are controversial. I try to find the humour in them, and also find a way of explaining them to people that is fun to read and easy to understand. If you disagree with something I say then congratulations! You are not a sheep who just accepts what they read!

Well, actually, you might still be a sheep, just a different kind of sheep. You might be the kind that believes the first thing they read on an issue, and then violently opposes anything else they read.

But that is your issue, not mine. And I wouldn’t dream of insulting someone with such soft, downy wool.


1. I’m 12, and what is this?

This is TitaniumTeddyBear, a blog about politics, Internet, philosophy, activism, and much more. Haven’t you ever been to a blog before?

2. Didn’t you used to be somewhere else?

Yup. We used to have the .com address but due to tragic circumstances we lost it.¬† So we are here now. And it’s nice.

Which is why the first few articles are all reposts; they are articles from the old site that I managed to save, and move here. Sadly, most of them were lost.

3. Do you take requests?

Of course! Anything from Kenny G, Rick Astley, David Hasselhof…

4. No, I mean can we suggest things we’d like you to write about?

Oh, I see how it is. Early 90s vocalists with hair are too good for you, huh? Yeah, sure. Suggest anything you want. Just post a comment about something and I will look into it.

5. Do you hate America?

Absolutely not. In fact the several dozen Americans who I met during my time in the ‘States were all really good to me.

However, over the past hundred years or so America has done some absolutely horrible things around the world, and I think that it is important that people know about this. I also feel the same way about every single other country. So if you’d like me to talk about an atrocity performed by someone else then post links to a few reliable sources and maybe it will pique my interest.

5b. But then why do you spend so much time talking about America?

Two reasons. Firstly, America has the best press coverage, so I tend to see interesting stories from there more than from any other place. Secondly, America leads the world in a number of ways. If you want to promote change in the world you first need to change America.

6. Do you hate Israel?

Certainly not. But I despise Israel’s current political leadership. Their land grabs, political assassinations, the siege of Gaza, the censoring of the international press, the blind eye that they turn to racism and human rights abuses, all of these things and more have turned me strongly against the Likud Party, particularly its leaders.

So if you are the kind of person who believes that the decisions made by a single political party somehow, magically, represent the decisions of all Israelis and that Israeli political decisions somehow, magically, represent the decisions of all the world’s jews then you probably think I’m an anti-semite. Please post a comment on one of my posts, and we’ll talk about it.

Shut up Akbar! You ruin everything.

7. Do you hate Libertarians?

No, I don’t hate them. I just think that the title “Libertarian” has come to mean someone who supports the right of the wealthy to withhold assistance that might help the poor out of poverty, because the wealthy believe that the rich deserve to be rich, and that poor deserve to be poor.

I know that this is not what “libertarian” means but the most of more prominent libertarians (Glenn Beck, Bill o’ Reilly etc.) definitely fall into this category.

This “Republican Libertarian” belief system (described above) can only be held by someone who doesn’t know what poverty is, hasn’t read any of the research about poverty’s effects on education and is rich.

This kind of Libertarian also seems to get really uncomfortable when someone points out that the European “Socialist” Democracies have better education, longer life expectancy, better healthcare, higher reports of subjective well-being and better social welfare programs than the free market poster boy, America.

I can’t imagine why…

8. Do you hate Hamas?

Yes, I do. Hamas is a terrorist organisation. They deliberately target civilians, use civilians as human shields and show no respect for international law and the conventions on human rights.

9. Do you hate the Israeli Defence Force?

Yes, I do. The IDF is a terrorist organisation. They deliberately target civilians, use civilians as human shields and show no respect for international law and the conventions on human rights.

10. Do you hate Islam/Christianity/Judaism/Hinduism?

No, I don’t. But I do have a strong dislike for fundamentalists of all kinds.As far as I can tell “fundamentalism” means that you believe that your beliefs are so important that they give you the right to rob other people of their human rights. These actions are abhorrent. I will battle to the death to defend the right of people to believe whatever they like, and to behave however they want to behave. But as soon as someone tries to use belief in something as an excuse to harm others then that is wrong of them, and they must be stopped.

11. But doesn’t that mean you are forcing other people to follow YOUR beliefs?

No, it doesn’t. All that it means is that I am supporting every person’s right to decide how they are going to live their life. If someone’s beliefs require them to forgo certain rights then that is fine. But if a belief system encourages its followers to rob other people of their rights then that is sick, and wrong, and it needs to be stopped.

You can believe whatever you want, but you are not allowed to force others to do what you think is right.

12. Do you welcome comments?

Hell yes. In fact I encourage you to make up an email address for the comment box, if it asks for one. I really don’t mind.

13. Aha! I knew it! You’re going to steal our email addresses!

No. No email address that I obtain from a comment on this site will be disclosed to anyone. They are safe. But if you don’t want to leave a real one, you don’t have to.

And that is all for now. Enjoy the site.
And if you like an article post a link to it somewhere. Every little bit helps.