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Well, despite my best efforts I have finally seen that video clip where the police execute a man’s dog for no reason.

What was the man’s crime you ask? Simple: he was filming police, something he is legally entitled to do.

I’m not going to post a link to the video because I don’t want anyone to watch it unless they are absolutely sure that they want to.

But I just want to deal with one particular nugget of bullshit about this case that has been spiraling around the Intercrap since this story broke.

This is the idea that the police’s action was justified because (even though the arrest was unnecessary) the dog was attacking the officer and he needed to defend himself.

This is complete nonsense.

That dog was not attacking. It was a big fucking dog, and it was barking really loudly, but it wasn’t attacking.

It was bouncing around, it was whimpering, it was afraid for its owner and it was trying to help.

But it wasn’t attacking.

You see friends animals don’t have the higher brain functions necessary to be unsure of themselves. That is an innately human trait. It may take an animal a long time to make a decision but once that decision is made the animal goes with it, 100%.

When humans fight we don’t usually go all out because we want to protect ourselves even while we attack.

Animals don’t do that. When they attack they go straight in, at full force, with no hesitation.

Because the attackĀ is the defense.

If an animal attacks you it is doing so because it has decided that it is in danger and that the only way to get out is by ending your shit.

Here, look at this:


Posturing is not attacking. Learn the difference, it could save a dog's life.

Posturing is not attacking. Learn the difference, it could save a dog’s life.

This is a clip of a police dog jumping over a car in order to fuck someone up.

That’s a goddamn animal attack.

(Yes, I know it’s a training exercise, that doesn’t affect my point.)

When you compare this clip to the one of the dog getting murdered (which I hope you won’t do because that would involve watching it) the comparison couldn’t be more stark.

Maybe the cop really thought he was in danger, that isn’t the point. He could have used mace, or tasered it.

He could even have given the owner the 20 fucking seconds he needed to calm the animal down. Crazy I know. I mean they had the guy’s car so clearly there was just no way of identifying him if he ran away from them, who still had their own car.

That dog should not have died like that, and it is the officers’ fault.

Because that dog was not attacking.


Even if you've never had a pet, even if you don't like animals, what happened on that day was despicable.

Even if you’ve never had a pet, even if you don’t like animals, what happened on that day was despicable.

[Standard Disclaimer: this post was entirely my own opinion and was not paid for in any way, directly or otherwise, by anyone or anything that stands to gain in any way from the ideas expressed herein.]

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