And when he says what HE wants to say...things go badly...

Holy fucking shit guys.

I just saw the soon-to-be-infamous Mother Jones video that shows Mitt Romney talking about how 47% of Americans will always vote for Obama because they are “dependent upon government” and won’t “take responsibility for their lives”.

This is what he actually believes.

For those of you are only just finding out about this the short version is that some enterprising person recorded Mitt at a private fund raiser for the stupidly well-off.

This is Romney away from the cameras (or so he thought). This is him talking to his people and telling them how he really feels.

There is so much wrong with this that I don’t know where to start. I’m just going to list the problems with this bullshit in point form, and maybe it will help me organise my thoughts.

Who needs land when you've got SWAG?

The things wrong with Mitt Romney’s perception of reality:

1. He thinks that 47% of Americans are “dependent upon government”.

In his mind government is so huge that it is responsible for the livelihood of almost half the people in the country. He either believes that this 47% are only living due to government assistance, or he believes that accepting any government assistance means that you are damned forever.


2. He sees no problem with condemning something that (according to him) almost half of all Americans think is useful.

I mean seriously. He believes that almost half of the people he is supposed to be representing are fans of government assistance but he wants to completely dismantle it.

This is another indication that ol’ Mitt just doesn’t get that Democracy is supposed to be about what the people want. In the eyes of Romney Democracy’s only purpose is to allow people like him to take power and do what they want.

This means that:

3. He is planning to take things away from his own voters.

I mean he must be aware that the red states use more welfare than the blue states do (which is an entirely predictable consequence of the Republicans’ anti-poor policies).

So Romney is planning on cutting back on the services that his own voters use.

Because he really doesn’t understand Democracy, or Economics.

There's a reason they call homeless shelters "tax shelters".

4. Romney doesn’t think that people are entitled to food.

In the video Romney includes food in his list of things that people feel they are entitled to.


Screw the healthcare debate. This guy thinks that if someone is starving to death we should not feed them.

Why? Because using other people’s tax money to pay for someone’s food is morally wrong.

So the moral right of rich people to a low tax rate is more important than the moral right of poor people to be alive.

This is what he actually believes.

Holy crap.

5. He believes that half of Americans are too poor to pay taxes, but doesn’t have a problem with this.

Romney says in the video that the 47% he is railing against are so poor that they don’t pay any taxes, so a message of “lower taxes” doesn’t resonate with them.

But he doesn’t see this as a problem.

He firmly believes that roughly half of America is in poverty, but he’s fine with that because he thinks that it’s all their own fault.

So once again: he doesn’t give a crap what the actual population of the country wants, he only cares about what he wants.

6. Romney states quite openly that the only reason why people are poor is because they won’t “take responsibility”.

He believes that if you’re poor it’s your own fault and that accepting any help from the government means you aren’t “taking responsibility”  for your life.

This is entirely expected of course, it just grates to hear that he really is this stupid.

Because this means that he hasn’t looked at any of the research on poverty or social mobility.

He is running on an anti-poverty “job creating” platform, but he hasn’t looked at any of the science that has investigated what it takes to actually get someone out of poverty.

Wow, he really will say anything. And what the hell is Dr. House doing there?

7. Romney doesn’t know what a “subsidy” is.

According to the right-wing think tank the Cato Institute $100 billion dollars was given to corporations, by the US government, in the year 2012.

Of course Romney has no problem at all with this type of massive, socialist, government handout, because it’s going to him and his friends.

I mean shit, Romney himself received government bailout money, despite his lies about being self-made and self-sufficient.

It also leaves out the fact that Romney’s own father accepted welfare when he came over to the US from Mexico.

So if you get food or vital healthcare from the government then you “aren’t taking responsibility for your own life” but if you get a massive government subsidy that you can turn directly into profit then you’re just a canny business person.

So workers shouldn't worry about outsourcing because America is "the greatest country", but rich people should ship all their money overseas where things are better?

Look, very little of this is actually a surprise. Romney has hinted in the past that this is how he feels about these issues, it’s just a bit depressing to see him as he really is.

It’s tempting at times like this to use hyperbole and call him a “monster” or something like that, but that’s silly.

Romney is no monster.

But he is an ignorant, insensitive, myopic, selfish, hypocritical, greedy, manipulative, money-grubbing spoiled brat of a man.

Every American election since Reagan has been a no-brainer.

This one requires even less brain than that.


This is it friends. This is the election where the world finds out if it's really possible to take a thoroughly bankrupt ideology and ram it down people's throats through sheer weight of money. The whole world is watching.

[Standard Disclaimer: this post was entirely my own opinion and was not paid for in any way, directly or otherwise, by anyone or anything that stands to gain in any way from the ideas expressed herein.]

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