"The 'Teabaggers' took the act of dragging your scrotum across another man's face and turned it into something tawdry and disgusting!" -Bill Maher

It is amazing to see the level of mental gymnastics people will engage in to try and discredit ‘Obamacare’.

It really should be easy for me to destroy this foolishness by simply pointing out that all of the countries with decent healthcare have a single-payer, national healthcare system (because even though that isn’t what Obamacare is it still gets criticised for being “too close” to one).

So…did that work, is the debate over?


Alright, bitches, you asked for it.

Next stop: wupass junction!

In order to find the low-hanging fruit for this particular post I used the google machine and just picked the first one.

Check this out.

On this very google-popular page written by something called “PJ” we find the so-called top ten reasons to oppose Obamacare.

As predicted they are all bullshit.


Bullshit 1: ObamaCare’s centerpiece, a Medicare-like “public option,” would cause millions of Americans to lose their employer-provided health insurance.

Yes, because it will replace it with the government option. These people won’t “lose” healthcare, their healthcare will just get switched to a different kind of healthcare.

In fact if you’re in the kind of low-paying job where healthcare is used as an incentive to keep you coming to work Obamacare will probably be an upgrade.

And even if it isn’t how will moving millions of Americans to Obamacare be a worse thing than what’s happening right now, when millions of Americans don’t have any healthcare?

No matter how bad you think Obamacare will be it can’t be worse than dying because you nothing at all.

If they ration kitties only kitties will have rations! Wait...that's not right...

Bullshit 2: Government-run health care would lead to rationing.

No cuddlepie, it won’t “lead” to rationing. Rationing is already taking place. It’s called “pay up or die”.

“Rationing” will occur under Obamacare because, sadly, resources are not infinite, and neither are organs. But more on that later.

Of course rationing will take place, it takes place in all healthcare systems. The difference is that under the current system healthcare is “rationed” in the following way:
1. Rich people get all the good stuff.
2. The end.

Under Obamacare healthcare supplies will be rationed based on need, and other relevant factors that don’t include things like “my great granddad worked children to death for 5 cents a day”.

The really silly thing is that right now this is already happening: with the aforementioned organs. There aren’t enough to go around so they are rationed by medical boards because it’s the only fair way.

And, as a side note, some people want to change this to a pay-to-play system where organs are available on an open market.

This is a bad idea for ethical reasons, particularly the principle the ancient Greeks referred to as:
“You understand this will fuck poor people, right?”

I mean seriously, an open market on organs will basically mean that rich people will get all the organs and poor people will get all the death.


It’s called Capitalism.

Let’s move on.

It was called the "depression" ok? It WASN'T VERY NICE!

Bullshit 3: ObamaCare would cost a fortune, and we’re already running higher deficits than during the Great Depression.

Yeah, so?

What this attack implies is that there is somehow a way to avoid paying this huge cost.

Well, there isn’t. People are going to get sick no matter what we do, and one way or another those costs are going to get paid. The only relevant question (at least as far as costs are concerned) is whether Obamacare is better or worse than the current Teabaggercare.

And given that America has the most vastly wasteful healthcare system in the developed world it’s hard to imagine that Obamacare could be worse.

Of course people might be saying that Obamacare would cost far more than Teabaggercare because under Obamacare everyone will get covered, and this will cost a fortune.

In this view Teabaggercare is superior because it allows thousands of people to suffer and die which doesn’t costing a cent!

So the conservatard argument is basically that we can save money by not helping people who desperately need help.

Ah, fiscal conservatism, gotta love it.

(Note: that was sarcasm. The Republicans haven’t been fiscally conservative since Reagan decided to increase spending while cutting taxes, a trend that both Bushes followed, without any hesitation.)

Never make the mistake of accusing someone of doing something that isn't bad.

Bullshit 4: ObamaCare would ruin private insurance.


The US healthcare monsters are a de facto oligopoly that has sucked the American public dry while providing the worst healthcare outcomes in the entire developed world.

It would be a pretty bright fucking day if they all caved in.

Sadly, this isn’t likely to happen.

What will happen is that rich people who want to pay for a ‘premium’ service will fork out to get the high-cost healthcare that they already enjoy in America.

People sometimes ask: if America’s healthcare is so bad then why do people from other countries keep going to the US to get treated?

The answer is, quite obviously, that US America has the finest healthcare on planet Earth, if you are a millionaire.

But for normal people its healthcare is the worst.

Anyway, under Obamacare the wealthy will still want to be able to get their liposuction without the discomfort of queues, rationing, or poor people. For these individuals insurance companies will provide a shiny, sparkly service that will cost a fortune and will probably be worth every cent.

But the reasons why it will be worth it bear examining. You see friends these new insurance packages will have to be great, because if they aren’t great then people won’t buy them; they will just use the Obamacare they are already paying for.

But right now this doesn’t happen. Because the health insurance scum collude and price-fix there is no real competition in the market. All the healthcare options are overpriced and shitty. It’s basically a national healthcare system where everyone gets crap treatment.

Unlike Obamacare where everyone will get mediocre treatment.

So Obamacare will help rich people too, because it will introduce genuine competition into the market for the first time and force the health insurers to offer a decent product.

As serious as a heart attack, or insulting Schwarzenegger's stitch work on that dress.

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