Go GOP! Ower rangers.

Friends, as I’m sure you know I (and everyone else with a working brain) find racism abhorrent. The idea that the amount of melanin in a person’s skin somehow determines IQ score, sex drive and the ability to throw a ball through a hoop is just plain silly.

Unfortunately, there are millions of people whose egos rely on their ability to pretend that those who are different are somehow also “worse”. So I’ve decided to use a new tactic: I’m going to assume, for the sake of argument, that racists are right, and then show that even if one does this it soon becomes obvious that racism still makes absolutely no sense.

Some racists claim that their racism is based on science. This always comes as a surprise to me because I’ve actually read the research on race and it’s been unanimous for some time that supposed racial traits are far better accounted for by cultural and socioeconomic factors.

But anyway, some racists claim that black people are demonstrably less intelligent than white people because in many studies they score worse on IQ tests.

The scientific answer to this claim is to point out that roughly half of an IQ test consists of skills and knowledge (like math) that one learns in school, so the fact that black people get (on average) worse education than white people explains this as an economic problem, not a racial trait.

But racists are racists and refuse to accept this, often citing thoroughly debunked research like the book ‘The Bell Curve’ or reading studies on class issues and interpreting them to support their purpose instead of looking at what they actually say.

So, in an attempt to get through to them, I’m going to assume (for the sake of argument) that they are right.


Ok, let’s assume that racists are right and that intelligence correlates with race. In fact I’m going to be generous and assume that black people aren’t just slightly less intelligent than white people but are actually a full standard deviation less intelligent than white people.

To understand how this works examine this graph of the standard deviations from normal distribution (normal distribution just means “this is how things normally are).

Pretty much all human traits fall into a bell curve, the title "normal distribution" isn't just a clever name.

But all you really need to understand is that most people (68%) fall in the middle, the “average”. Now an “average” IQ score is 100. To be significantly lower you need to be at least one standard deviation below that (which would be an IQ of about 85).

“Standard deviation” basically just means “a difference this large is large enough to be important”. The reasons why this is are complicated, ask a statistician to explain.

So if racists are right they are saying that the IQ of the average black person is only 85!

Which is great! Because that means that 13.5% of black people are as intelligent or more intelligent than 68% of white people.

Mind = blown.

That’s just how standard deviations work.

So even if racists are right and black people are, on average, less intelligent than white people more than 1 in 10 black people are, statistically, more intelligent than the white person they are talking to.

Therefore, the only intelligent response for a racist to make is to give all black people the benefit of the doubt, not judge them, and give them a chance to show if they are intelligent or not.

So even if racists are right, and black people are somehow “inferior” the unthinking bigotry racists unleash against all black people at the very sight of them, is irrational.

Thus, racism doesn’t make sense, even if the racists are right!

Racism lol!


Now, one might ask: but Teddy, aren’t you being equally biased against racists by assuming they are all stupid?

This is a fair question, but the answer is no. Because the thing is that racism doesn’t make sense on the surface (that the amount of melanin in your skin determines your intelligence, accent, muscle mass, sporting ability, academic ability, trustworthiness, level of laziness and the size of your wang) and it doesn’t make sense when you look at it more deeply (all of the research on race points to cultural and economic factors being vastly more important and the supposed “exceptions” are typically flawed research that is quickly disproved).

And the world is full of people who prove the stereotypes wrong. In order to ignore all this one has to work really, really hard at remaining ignorant. So to me that means that racists are, regardless of their level of intelligence, choosing to be extremely stupid. This is not something I’m putting on them, this is something they are doing to themselves.

Because, as I’ve just pointed out, racism wouldn’t even make sense if the racists were right.


Some ideas persist even though they fall apart when given the slightest critical appraisal.

[Standard Disclaimer: this post was entirely my own opinion and was not paid for in any way, directly or otherwise, by anyone or anything that stands to gain in any way from the ideas expressed herein.]


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