At least it wasn't a firewall.

Friends, it’s that time again.

Verizon is taking the FCC to court in order to battle for the right to restrict their users’ access to certain websites or services or to charge huge fees if you dare to use software that they don’t have a stake in.

Net Neutrality is a hugely important issue, because without it there will be nothing to stop ISPs and other service providers from charging you additional fees, or completely blocking you, if you use any web service that takes too much bandwidth.

Any websites that load a lot of images or videos.
They will all be restricted, or cost extra.

And who decides what “too much” bandwidth means? Why the telecoms companies who charge the extra fees of course.

The conversation will go something like this:
“Do I want to charge my customers extra money?
Yes, I think I do.
The End.”

Except replace the troll face with the Verizon logo.

Verizon is claiming that there is no problem, that people are overreacting, and that they have no intention of regulating the Internet.

But the arguments that they make to support their point of view range from the bad to absolutely hilarious.

There’s a quote where Verizon says they are:
“deeply concerned by the FCC’s assertion of broad authority for sweeping new regulation of broadband networks and the Internet itself.”

So, in other words, Verizon is deeply upset that the FCC is trying to regulate the Internet, because THEY WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO IT THEMSELVES.

They are basically saying:
“Don’t worry, we don’t want to regulate the Internet, we just want to regulate the Internet.”

What the fuck is wrong with you?

The only reason Verizon would want to battle Net Neutrality is if they want the right to control people’s Internet use, and then not tell them that they are doing it (another important provision of the FCC’s watered-down net Neutrality laws).

And this is way more serious than I can adequately express because Comcast has ALREADY WON a legal victory against Net Neutrality.

I’ve been saying for ages that the freedom of the Internet is not going to vanish in a mighty flash. It is going to be nibbled away, bit by bit, until we wake up one morning and wonder where the hell the good times went.

This is the golden age of the Internet.

And it is coming to a close.



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