You have been warned!

The Cablegate saga and rumours of Julian Assange’s impending arrest have reignited the flurry of media outlets who are saying that he is being charged with rape and molestation.

At times the number of news outlets saying this has grown so large that even those people who know the real details have started to doubt their own memories.

So I thought it was time that I weighed in and reminded everyone of what really happened, and what is happening now.

You said it. Whoever you are.

First things first: Assange was originally charged with rape, but that charge was found to be wholly without merit and was dropped.

However, he was indeed also charged with “molestation”, which in Sweden basically means “sexual misconduct with an adult”, or something like it, and that charge remained.

But pruned of all legalistic jargon what Assange was actually being charged with was having consensual sex with a woman, without using a condom.

That’s it.

That’s all.


It also needs to be remembered the two plaintiffs have admitted to having consensual sex with Assange on multiple occassions. In fact he was living with one of them for over a week.

This lady, Anna Ardin, also tweeted about how much fun she was having with Assange, but deleted the tweets after the shit hit the fan.

Unfortunately for her she forgot that the Internet never forgets.

Her actions, and her relationship with Assange, do seem to make her quite an unreliable witness.

So it is at this point that a few questions pose themselves to us:

1) Why has an international arrest warrant been issued over such a minor infraction and,

2) Why the hell have news outlets as prestigious as the New York Times and the Washington Post (and everyone beneath them too, starting with Fox News) been repeating these allegations without going into them?

Well, one of the possibilities seems to be that he has been charged with rape. But that these charges are different charges to the charges that were dropped earlier.

Did you get that? Because I’m not sure I did.

Not that I wanted to. It's the principle!

I feel like I’m wandering without a compass here. Usually if I heard something from an unknown blogger I would rush to the serious news sites to check it.

But they all seem to be repeating the same thing, without much serious explanation.

The New York Times article above and an article on Al Jazeera’s website probably do the best job of explaining it all.

But that’s not saying much.

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