Gah! Eeeek! Get it away!

I shit you not.

You see friends a few years ago a group of researchers from a company with a humourously punny name (“Knome”) asked the Prince of Darkness if he would mind letting them create a full map of his genetic sequence.

The researchers said they wanted to find out if Ozzy has some sort of genetic advantage that allowed his body to recover from his decades of massive drug abuse.

Ozzy, being awesome, agreed and what the researchers found is pretty darn interesting.

Ozzy seems to have pretty much all of the genes associated with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

This is hardly surprising given that the rocker has stated openly that he used to take alcohol, cocaine, sleeping pills, LSD, marijuana and a bunch of other drugs all at the same time, and he battled for years to shake his many addictions.

But what is interesting is that each of the genetic markers that are linked to addiction show mutations that the researchers had never seen before.

In short: Ozzy Osbourne is a genetic mutant.

Remember the Turtles before they sold out? Naw, me neither.

Two questions now remain.

Firstly, have any of these unique mutations somehow assisted Ozzy in resisting the damage drugs do to a person’s body?

Secondly, and possibly more interestingly, why is his genetic code like this?

One possibility is that it’s just luck. After all: there have been hundreds of hard drinking, hard drugging rockers just like Ozzy.

Know what? Most of them are dead.

So it is possible that Ozzy is just lucky. He was born with some ability to resist drug damage and that is why he has lasted so long.

Almost as if he had some sort of "healing factor"...

The second possiblity relates to the theory of epigenetics.

As I’ve mentioned before epigenetics is based on recent evidence that suggests that during your life your genetic code will change, in response to events in your life, usually traumas.

It isn’t understood how or why this happens but it makes sense to assume that these changes are some sort of attempt, by your body, to adapt to the traumatic event.

If the theory is accurate then it may mean that when Ozzy started poisoning his body with drugs his body changed his DNA in an effort to cope, and somehow it succeeded.

In any event this research is fascinating and it is difficult to predict how these developments will change science in the future


Good lord. Looks like the Palestinians are in more trouble than I thought.

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