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Wikileaks has finally released the largest leak of military documents in the history of the human race.

It only came out a few hours ago and already the implications are startling.

Metaphorically completely accurate.

Please bear in mind that all of these analyses are still sketchy and likely to be modified later.

1) Iran has been sending troops to Iraq to kill US forces and generally cause shit.
This has been suspected for some time but the leak makes a lot more evidence available.

If this is indeed true then it makes America’s harsh stance on Iran far more understandable.

On the other hand is it possible that Iran has been trying to exacerbate the Iraq situation as a way of tying up US resources and making the US public weary of war? Because this would make it less likely that the US would be willing to also bomb Iran?

Inquiring minds want to know.

In either case the point is that US forces and Iranian forces have already been engaging each other.

Kinda sorta.

Oh, but we're much more sophisticated than that. Aren't we? Aren't we!?

2) Despite lies to the contrary the US has been keeping a detailed body count of the deaths of Iraqi civilians.
Unfortunately, this body count is so high that it has yet to be accurately calculated.

What we do know is that the allegation that the number of civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since the invasions could be in the hundreds of thousands is actually accurate.

What we also know is that most of the dead Iraqi civilians have been killed by other Iraqis in the wake of the chaos that the US invasion has caused.

Lastly, we now know that several hundred Iraqi civilians have been killed at US roadblocks alone.

3) Al Qaeda are HUGE assholes
OK, so we kinda knew this before.

But what’s new is the tale of a journalist who was kidnapped and ransomed by Al Qaeda. After the bounty was paid Al Qaeda called the Iraqi army and told them that they had put a bomb in her car.

So naturally, when she happily road towards the nearest military checkpoint she could find they opened fire on her and killed her driver.

Neither is Dick Cheney. Or his war profiteering.

4) Saddam’s torture chambers have continued to operate
This is a big one.

And that’s what your mom said last night.

Anyway, there is evidence to suggest that someone has been using Saddam’s infamous torture rooms to carry on…well…torturing¬† people.

And that the US has deliberately turned a blind eye to it.

People all over the world are already saying that this means that the US has completely lost its moral authority, and now has no right to criticise anyone, about anything, until they get their own human rights record up to scratch.

5) Collateral Murder was the tip of the iceberg
Back in June Wikileaks put out a video that showed US chopper pilots mowing down Iraqi civilians and Reuters’ journalists.

At the time I predicted that this was only the tip of the iceberg. The callous disregard for adequate target identification, the complete lack of any kind of restraint on the part of the pilots and the profound unlikelihood that any information about these murders would ever reach our ears lead me to believe that, logically, the actual number of times this squadron had killed civilians must be much, much higher than what we had seen.

Turns out, I was right.

This same helicopter squadron (callsign ‘Crazy Horse’, I shit you not) has been involved in several other incidents where their own heavy-handedness, gung-ho attitude and massive stupidity has lead to the deaths of many other Iraqi civilians, including women and children.

That’s all we’ve got so far. But it is important to note that either the War Diary site is really popular…or it’s been DDOSd by the Pentagon.

I suppose we shall wait and see.


[Standard Disclaimer: this post was entirely my own opinion and was not paid for in any way, directly or otherwise, by anyone or anything that stands to gain in any way from the ideas expressed herein.]

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