I’m not sure which is prettier, or more feminine.

You heard me.

Limp-wristed, faux guitarist from 80s pop-rock band KISS can smooch my titanium butt.

Not shown here.

If you’ve never heard of them don’t worry; they were never that big.

But let me back up a second. The reason why I feel this way is due to some comments that dear Genevieve has been making over the last little while. Comments that have recently come to a head.

Basically, Simmons has been saying for a while now that people who pirate music should be punished for it.

That is not really a problem for me. It’s a point of view that I understand.

I mean, I completely disagree with it, but I understand it.

He is also annoyed because Anonymous shut down his personal website over the weekend. Something else that he us justifiably annoyed about.

But when he says that university students who download music should lose their homes and then be jailed so that they can be anally raped, and all because music piracy has somehow cost a million people their jobs, I must take exception.

Firstly, the music industry has shown increased profits every year while piracy has been going on. It took the global financial crisis to change this. The idea that piracy is somehow responsible for people in the music industry losing their jobs is just silly.

Secondly, the idea that everyone who uses a file-sharing network somehow deserves de facto sodomy at the hands of the criminal justice system strikes me as being so far beyond “harsh” that it is difficult to understand what Gene is on.

Maybe it’s because he’s old, and washed-up. Perhaps KISS used lead-based paint in their famous face-painting club. Maybe it was all the drugs he took.

This dog is just hairy enough to play Gene Simmons in the Gene Simmons movie: “Why the fuck am I a dog?”

Maybe he should just go back to writing books about prostitutes, and ranting against muslims.

Yes, Anonymous DDOSed his website. Yes, I’m sure he’s pissed. But whenever a multimillionaire complains about losing money and starts talking about taking people’s houses away I get annoyed.

Anyway, the other thing Gene has done recently has been to announce that he and the FBI had tracked down the people who DDOSed his website and that they would soon be punished.

He also said that this “back-tracing” had been very successful, and that consequences would never the same.

Artist’s impression of the no doubt imminent arrests.

You see friends Simones has failed the first test of Internet battle: he thinks that Anonymous is a group that can be targeted.

He doesn’t realise that “Anonymous” doesn’t have leaders, or command structures or any of the trappings of a traditional organisation.

Heck, Anonymous barely even has plans, let alone any solid structure that might be vulnerable to attack.

Let me spell it out: “Anonymous” is the name attached to spontaneous outpourings of annoyance and rage at established structures that infringe on human rights.

Or at least whatever it is that /b/ calls “human rights” on a particular day.

Any attack against Anonymous is likely to fail for the simple reason that the more successful an attack against them becomes the greater their media profile will become, and the more people will be attracted to “their” “cause”.

Of course it’s possible to shut down Anonymous. But it would require a massive effort of a kind that is simply not justified by the level of shenanigans that the group gets up to and Gene Simmon’s level of pissed-offedness is not a good reason to mobilise those sorts of resources.

Gene Simmons needs to take a chill pill and learn more about new technology; both the good and the bad that it brings.

But until then, he can KISS my ASS.


[Standard Disclaimer: this post was entirely my own opinion and was not paid for in any way, directly or otherwise, by anyone or anything that stands to gain in any way from the ideas expressed herein.]

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