Although to be fair none of the things in this post are as dangerous as driving like this guy.

We are surrounded by things that are supposed to be good for us, but actually are either inconsequential or bad for us. If you don’t read anything else in this article I urge you to skip ahead to page 3 and read number 1, because it’s something that affects all of us. Yes, even you.

Here’s a clue: it’s running shoes.

10. Jogging
I’ve chosen to do jogging first because a lot of people actually do know that it is bad for you. I mean it’s not that bad, but it’s still not good. See, the reason why jogging is good exercise is because it’s the least efficient way of moving., so it burns a lot of calories. Think about it. If you try to walk as fast as you can without running you can almost reach jogging pace, because jogging is actually really slow.

What this means, at its most basic level, is that jogging uses quite a few steps to cover a certain distance and the problem with that is that each step you take generates force that needs to be absorbed by your joints. The joints that take the most punishment from this are your knees. But you ankles, hips and even your back also take strain.

Of course almost all cardio training will take some toll on your joints but I’ve singled out jogging because it’s the most inefficient, and therefore the most damaging.

It is also twice as bad when it is combined with the item at number 1.

But having said that it’s still far better for you than just sitting on your ass and not getting any exercise at all :b…

Perhaps some jogging is called for.

9. Teflon
For those who joined late ‘Teflon’ is the brand name for the black coating on most non-stick cooking implements.

Most first-world households have a few of these but very few people know that they can actually be quite dangerous. Sometimes,  if the pans get heated up too high, they release a chemical that is toxic enough to poison small animals! And yes, it’s dangerous for people too, especially pregnant women.

Secondly, when the pans begin to wear out the Teflon coating starts fragmenting off. These fragments have been listed by the EPA as a possible cause of cancer.

So watch yourselfs.

and lol

8. Eye drops
‘Eye drops’ in this case specifically means those eye drops that are used to counter redness in the eyes, not prescription eye drops that are used to battle specific infections etc.

Basically, over the counter eye drops are fine if you use them every once in a while. But unfortunately many people use eye drops on a fairly regular basis, every day, or even multiple times a day.

Now, our eyes get a bloodshot appearance because blood vessels in our eyes become swollen with more blood. Eye drops which combat red-eye basically force the blood vessels to get smaller again, and so the redness disappears. This is bad because it doesn’t deal with the reason WHY your eyes were bloodshot in the first place.

Think of it like this. Let’s say you went to the doctor because your leg hurts. The doctor checks you out and finds that you’ve broken your leg. If the doctor sets the bone, puts a cast on it and so on, then it’s going to be uncomfortable for quite some time, but it will eventually heal. If on the other hand the doctor gives you some painkillers and sends you back home you will immediately feel great.

Until the meds wear off…at which point you will be in even more pain because while you’ve been walking around on your broken leg it’s been getting more and more damaged.

The thing is that using eye drops is often the equivalent of taking painkillers for a broken leg: they deal with the symptom and not the cause. If your eyes are bloodshot then there is probably a reason WHY. Your body is trying to get more blood there because your eyes are taking damage and more blood is needed to fix them. Stopping that blood from getting there can actually lead to permanent damage to your eyes!

The only way to fix things is to let your body heal itself.

Even if you do temporarily look like the scary thing on the eye drops box.

I wonder if this product was animal tested?

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