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3. All Fails, Great and Small

Factual inaccuracies aren’t the only problem. The whole of Fox News seems to be conducted with a lackadaisical attitude towards checking things. Even things that should be fundamental to a news organisation like spelling and grammar.

And why is Fox more concerned with sensationalism THEN journalism?

No, their eductaoin is safe. But their sense of irnoy is in danger of being overloaded.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that actually means something besides “I should have checked this before I put it up”.

Caption Here. Caption Here Too.

There are one or two of these where they aren’t actually fails, because the respondents could choose more than one answer, so they shouldn’t add up to 100% This is not one of those. This is definitely a fail.

Once again these are fairly minor things. But they are disturbing because they are unprofessional, and because they imply that Fox doesn’t have adequate fact checking or editing in place. This could be because people aren’t doing their jobs.

Or it could be because Fox honestly doesn’t care about the truth. TWICE now Fox has been busted for using footage of large political rallies and then pretending that the footage was actually of some other event. They did this to imply that the second events were extremely popular, even when they weren’t.

Which brings us to:

4. When In Doubt, Make Stuff Up.
Those of you who spend any time on 4chan (poor, traumatised souls that you are) have probably noticed the extreme racism, Americo-centric xenophobia and American nationalism that permeates much of the site.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Confronting those sorts of evil he doesn’t like, and completely ignoring those kinds of evil that makes him feel warm and squishy.

I’m not going to do something silly like try and point out that it’s the paedophiles who provide 4chan with porns, not the other way around. Instead I’m going to wonder wtf Glenn Beck is smoking for him to interpret 4chan as being ‘far left’. 4chan isn’t far left, or far right. 4chan is chaos. It has no recognisable group identity.

Ah, if only he knew how many people there are on the site who claim to be committed Christians.


*puff* *puff* Duuuuuuuuuude… Fox News be smoking the good shit!

What the fuck? Look, we all know that Fox is insanely rabid on the US health care issue, but this leap of logic beggars belief. They are trying to claim that providing affordable health care, and thus treating people as if they are worth saving, will somehow make the country more vulnerable to domestic terrorists.

Because you know, when you think of countries that have serious domestic terror problems you immediately think of Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Australia.

To name just a few.

Then, suddenly:

My word Jesus looks good for someone who’s dead. And the religious icons were right all along: she is blonde!

Ah yes, Fox News, your one-stop-shop for the word of Christ, and his stance on political issues that would only exist millennia after his death.

Hang on…didn’t he like… cure the sick and feed the poor?

Naw, must’ve been somebody else.

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