Sadly Somali pirates are not as colourful, or as awesome, as these pirates

I have just learned that the reason why so many Somalis are turning to piracy is because their local fishing industry has been devastated by European companies dumping TOXIC WASTE off their coastline, and other companies over fishing in the deeper waters.

This has been reported by major international news agencies like Al Jazeera for almost 2 years now. But no one in the Western media even reports on it. The piracy story is just too juicy.

So basically the local fisherpeople are left with a choice: turn to piracy or watch their families starve to death.

But people don’t think about how horrible that must be. Instead we all get to be so excited about how the pirates are now being hunted down and exterminated by the US Navy, and bored Russian businessmen.

Could someone please remind me why corporations need to operate with only minimal governmental supervision? I keep forgetting :(


This crap makes me even sadder than this little Darth Vader :(

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