It would take a Ph.D. in History to explain what a massive fail this is.

Man, I wish I was kidding.


Basically a new curriculum has been passed in Texas that has been deliberately constructed to push a distinctly right-wing agenda.

They are removing the slave trade, presumably because it gets in the way of them saying that America always does the right thing.
They aren’t going to talk about how horrible slavery was for the slaves.
Time will be spent talking about the “positive” contributions of the pro-slavery leaders in the civil war.
The civil rights movement will be sidelined, with equal time given to the Alabama Governor George Wallace, thus implying that he was supporting “white civil rights”.
Furthermore, the civil rights movement will be spoken about as if, and I’m quoting now, it created “unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes” among minorities.
Thomas Jefferson will be left out, because he promoted the separation of Church and State.
And it gets worse from there.

Or live in an America that doesn’t exist, and never existed!

In essence the new curriculum will be teaching what James Loewen calls “The Myth Of American Exceptionalism”. This is basically the idea that America is the “best” country in the world, that everything it does is right, that everything it has ever done has been right, and that everything it ever does in the future will be right, just because it’s America who is doing it.

Furthermore, the new curriculum is going to be pushing the idea that America is somehow guided by God herself, that it is the duty of Americans to ram the holy cock of scripture down the throats of an unsuspecting world.

This bizarre and undemocratic propaganda would be laughable if it hadn’t ALREADY BEEN APPROVED.

The Texas Schools Board is of course completely ignoring a few minor points like America’s actions to destroy democracy in South America, what a total fuck-up Vietnam was, the fact that it was actually Russia who defeated Hitler, the fact that the gap between rich and poor in the US is getting bigger, the fact that US business and the US government are more closely in bed than Brad and Angelina and the fact that America scores lower than the rest of the developed world on a vast array of tests and measures.

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure that Cyrprus and Croatia are really bumbed that you beat them.

So what do I think of all this? I think it’s fucking great! :D

Seriously, think about it. Many people are worried that America might continue to use its financial might to push around the other countries in the world. Well, with new curriculums like this in the works stupidity will become institutionalised, and no one will have to worry! Pretty soon America will be packed with people too stupid to use the Internet, let alone overthrow foreign democracies.

I wish I had an office, just so I could put this on the door.

Furthermore, I would put it to you that this attempt to rewrite history is so incredibly stupid that it is bound to cause outrage somewhere. I mean Texas likes to think that it is totally right-wing but it really isn’t.

Also, the more distant from reality this curriculum is the more students will go to University thinking they know history and become completely horrified when they realise they’ve been lied to their whole lives.

If anything this curriculum is going to promote scepticism of conservative ideals, not acceptance of them.

Of course most people don’t get to go to College, so most people in Texas will continue to believe this nonsense. This is a worry, to be sure. But since conservatives have spent so much time making sure that the normal Americans don’t actually have any political power, I don’t think their impact will be that great.

And the more stark the differences between America and the rest of the developed world become the more obvious it will be to the right wingers that they need to admit they were wrong, and grow the hell up.


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