I am truly glad that the tragedy in Times Square has been avoided by the bomb not going off.

But it annoys me that CNN is already referring to it as an ‘Improved Explosive Device’ (IED). This is a problem because that term was first popularised with relation to Iraq. Thus far this is the only location, or discourse, within which that term has been used.

Which means that when CNN calls this bomb an “IED” they are already planting in the popular consciousness the idea that it was Muslims who made this bomb. This is despite the fact that the bomb bears very little resemblance (as far as I’m aware) to the IEDs commonly deployed against US troops in Iraq.

In my opinion the bomb was probably planted by white supremacists who have, for over a year, been saying that they are going to cause havoc in retaliation for the country choosing an African-American President.

Even now people are saying to each other that America has been attacked by Muslims again, when it is impossible at this stage to know that, and as far as I can see, it is more likely that the opposite is true.

It was white-guys-from-nearby, mark my words.

Curioser and curioser. Certain news sites are now calling it a “Bomb scare”, not an actual bomb.

So…gasoline, gun powder, propane and burnt wiring, but it doesn’t get classified as a bomb?

I am confuse…

The New York Times is pretty unambiguous in calling it a Car Bomb, and not an “IED”.

But I am glad to see that the police are saying there is no link, yet, between the bomb and the Taliban.

This is despite the fact that the Pakistani Taliban have actually taken responsibility for the bomb.

If they are telling the truth then, obviously, I am wrong.

And if they are lying then their credibility is going to take quite a hit when the truth comes out.

Watch this space.}

[EDIT 2: A Pakistani man has been arrested for the attack.

This means that I was indeed wrong about it, and the Pakistani Taliban was most likely responsible.

Oh well. I shall try to do better next time ;) ]

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