This might be the only way to stop Fox News from shamelessly promoting their little monster.

Hello friends.

A little while ago I was reading this article that poses the important question “what has happened to the Tea Party movement”?
They began by protesting about Wall Street bailouts but after this noble quest was abandoned they started blindly opposing everything that Obama has been doing, simply because it is he who is doing it.

And they have missed valuable opportunities to march on Wall Street. Why is this?

Well, you see friends, the Tea Party movement may have started as a “grass-roots” organisation but it was immediately seized upon and corrupted by conservative interests. Most notably the Republican Party and its propaganda piece: Fox News.

In this article I will be showing you some of the less-offensive posters from a Tea Party Protest and explaining why they are massive fails. I will then move on to explaining why the Tea Party movement proves that Fox News does not contain any journalists, and why the Tea Party protesters would be better decked out in gimp suits, with access flaps at the back.

Unless that sweet hat is hiding some serious bling I don't think he has anything to worry about.

Let’s start with this beauty. It is one of the mainstays of the Republican Party that it is they who are all about tax cuts and the Democrats who are all about tax hikes.

Now, generally speaking that is true, but it’s only true for the rich.

In this article we see that Obama is being accused of placing a tax on people selling their homes, when in actual fact the tax will only affect those who’s houses sell for half a MILLION dollars, or more. Call me cynical, but I don’t think anyone in this crowd has anything to worry about.

Although they might be talking about claims that McCain made during his campaign that his tax plan would lead to a lighter tax burden on the average American and that Obama’s plans would lead to a greater tax burden.

This straightforward lie has also been slapped in the nuts by In fact even though they make a point of staying away from any statement that might be controversial or unverifiable they state that in their opinion the Republican Party’s claims during the election about taxes constituted a “pattern of deceit”.

These are strong words from some very taciturn people.

The problem is of course that few Republican supporters ever visit FactCheck, because even though it roasts the Democrats just as fiercely as it roasts the Republicans they have been told by Fox News that it is biased, and so stay away from it.

Other people claim that Obama’s decision to raise the tax on the wealthy constitutes “socialism”. Right now I don’t feel like explaining that barely a handful of the people who vote Republican even know what the word “socialist” means, other than that it’s “bad“.

So instead I will post this handy-dandy unconfirmed infopic:

These things are usually roughly accurate, but if someone cost post me links to some hard stats that would be great :)

At this point I just have to throw in this other infopic:

My favourite part is how there is a drop before each election, so the Republiscum can claim to be reducing the deficit.

If you can’t make this out then save it and open it in picture viewer. Or if you are cleverly using Firefox you can right click, and then click on “view image”.
The point is that right after Reagan made that colossal tax cut on the rich the US national debt shot up dramatically (which is the huge red slope just above the start of the little elephants’ speech bubble). Coincidence? No. Not even slightly.

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