If you know who made this please let me know, because they are awesome.

Check out this video, which is about 150meg.


Video is from Academic Earth, a website that puts up free recordings of some of the world’s finest academics lecturing on a wide range of subjects.

This video I’ve linked to is an introductory lecture by Krishna Shenoy that explains how their new machine to person interface works.

In plain English: they wanna put a chip in your brain, so that you can talk to computers.

The objective is to allow people who are paralyzed to be able to move prosthetic limbs with their mind, without having to use their damaged spinal cords.

Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly at science fiction levels yet. But what they’ve managed to do so far is still pretty cool.

Basically they put a series of 100 tiny computer chips in your brain. Each chip is attached to a neuron (i.e. a brain cell) in your motor cortex, which is the part of the brain that governs body movement.This is a clever move because everything that we do involves some sort of movement. The only exception is pure thought, which, even if you’re paralyzed, you can still do by yourself.

The chips measure how rapidly the neuron it’s attached to turns on and off again. And what they’ve found is that there is a predictable pattern that is determined by what movement you are trying to do. In other words reaching for something on the ground looks different to reaching for something above you.

Now, one chip is pretty imprecise, but 100 chips is very accurate. So accurate in fact that people can use it to type, by imagining that they are reaching for a keyboard. So far the system can type 15 words per minute.

Which is about the same speed that your grandmother types at.

After all that liquor, 5 words per minute.

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