But no laws about fair wages, cheap healthcare or market manipulation.

In Part 1 I spoke about how teenagers are being punished for sexting, even though no one is being harmed by the process and how Operation Ore in the UK was a massive failure that lead to a bunch of innocent people being punished, or even killing themselves.

Now if you are still feeling strong, brace yourself, and read this.
That is an article written by a man who has been involved in the child pornography industry for 25 years.

Let us pause a moment and let that sink in.
This article isn’t just mind blowing, it’s earth shattering.

I mentioned in a previous post how we don’t actually know anything about paedophilia, or the child pornography (CP) industry. Well, this article is a goldmine of information, although it does take a fairly strong stomach to read some of it.

The important points for this discussion are as follows:
1)    The National Centre for Missing & Exploited Kids (NCMEC), which is THE go-to group in the US for all things relating to child abuse, has close ties with ‘Morality in Media’, a fun little group of right-wing fundamentalists who want a huge variety of pornography to be made illegal, including porn that supposedly depicts sex with someone else’s wife (but doesn’t actually), and porn that includes women who are of legal age, but not old enough for MIM, and porn that includes women who might appear to be under-age (but actually aren’t).

This pic is not homophobic, it’s fundamentalophobic

This takes nothing away from the good things that the NCMEC does, like running AMBER Alerts for those (thankfully) very rare cases when a child is actually abducted by someone.
But it does make the fact that they now have an active lobby in the American and European parliaments extremely worrying.
And it calls into some doubt the idea that protecting children is the only axe they have to grind.

2)    Mr X divides CP into 2 categories, softcore and hardcore.

He further says ALL hardcore child pornography is not actually made by the CP industry. It is made by parents, who abuse their own children, and then it is snapped up by the CP industry and resold.

Sadly, this ties in with proper research on child abuse that has, for decades, said that most abusers are well known to the victim, and are frequently family members.

Doubly sadly this also means that all of the work being done against convicted abusers, ‘stranger danger’, and so on, lies somewhere along a continuum from ‘absolutely pointless’ to ‘a drop in the ocean’.

If most of the abusers are parents or family friends then none of these measures is going to accomplish anything :(

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